30 Beveren Bunny Rabbits located in Kenosha, Wisconsin

30 Beveren Bunnies near Kenosha, WI. Looking to find quality bunnies for sale in Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Beveren Rabbits

Contact the Seller of these Wisconsin Beveren Rabbits

You might just be in luck because at my Wisconsin Beveren Rabbitry we breed and raise nice Beveren Bunnies. We also have several varieties of Satin Bunnies in addition to Beveren Bunnies. The majority of our bunnies are show able and could in fact also make good pets for kids or meat production bunnies. Give me a holler if you are considering buying rabbits… we are located about 11 miles outside of Kenosha, WI. At the moment I have 22 twenty two rabbits for sale in total. I may potentially have more in the future as new rabbit litters become available for purchase. We look forward to assisting you with your rabbit project.


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I am a natural mama for peace
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